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Review Quotes:

"Most series bore me, to be honest, but I feel you left the door open for unexpected dramatic turns. I look forward to reading more!"
— Bill Turner, co-founder of GR8Conf.

"I really liked the characters and twists and turns, and loved the ending.”
— Todd Palmer

"I found the environment of Conglommera captivating. Telling the whole story from Charlie’s perspective really pulled me in.”
— Greg L. Turnquist, author.

A stranger with an ancient agenda plummets the known world into a startling adventure across the galaxy.

The Green Earth of old was gone. We came out here to find another planet, but it turns out there aren't any. Oh, we thought there were at least a couple we could reach in a few generations, but they didn't work out. We would have pressed further out into the void, but for the hidden seas of destructive exotic matter—or something—that interacted with our electromag drives, and destroyed anything with sufficient mass trying to pass.

So here we are, at the edge of Nothing. Where the horse died, as it were. All of the remaining ships of the Earth connected to each other, floating in an immense, irregular Conglommora. Alone in the universe.

Then Robert Brandeis showed up, a straggler from Dead Earth.

He brought the past with him.

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Conglommora Series:

I. Conglommora

All of the remaining ships from the Earth are connected to each other, floating in an immense, irregular Conglommora, here at the edge of nothing. Where the horse died. But here the People finally, and at greatest cost, learned how to live and love in peace. Then Robert Brandeis shows up, a straggler from Dead Earth. He brought the past with him, threatening the very fabric of humanity and altering its future forever.

II. Conglommora Found

We found Earth, but it wasn't what we expected. Too much time had passed; we had changed, the Earth itself had changed, humanity on Earth had changed. As alone as we were in the universe, our children on Earth were just as alone–we had to remain hidden from them, we couldn't interfere or risk jeopardizing their future as well. The People on Earth were utterly alone.

Until they weren't.

Coming soon...

III. Conglommora Defense

Coming soon...