“It was a real surprise that one of my favorite authors of software development books like ‘The Pragmatic Programmer’ and ‘Programming Ruby: A Pragmatic Programmer’s Guide’ is also a science fiction writer!

“In ‘Conglommora Found’, Andy Hunt gives us real sci-fi entertainment centered on our relationship with ourselves and the universe. We keep moving with rich details from the organic worlds of the past to the synthetic worlds of the future, from the dark and dense deeps of ocean to infinite space, a delightful narrative of where we are and at the same time wanting to go back to the other worlds to check what happens next.

“‘Conglommora Found’ has a lot of surprises till the end of the book and makes us think about our human condition. Recommended!

—Eustáquio “TaQ” Rangel, author of “Ruby-Conhecendo a Linguagem”, the first Ruby book published in Brazil.