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The Green Earth of old was long gone. The People printed their ships and fled the devastation to find another planet, a new home.

But system after system, planet after planet, they discovered there were no other suitable homes in the cosmos.

So they joined their ships together here at the edge of Nothing to form the Conglommora: a massive, stationary, ad-hoc, self-sufficient world hundreds of light-years out in deep space.

Until a mysterious straggler from Dead Earth plummets them into a startling journey across the galaxy, to confront the past and threaten the future.

Conglommora Found


Charlie Neylan and his son Alain thought their adventures were over, as they settled into the shape of their new lives on Conglommora. But things get complicated as Alain risks his life to find answers to the secrets of their world, and their very world gets a lot larger than anyone thought.

The new hidden undersea base, Denisova, expanded their world. So much new to study, so much to see—but safely, hidden from their descendants. The good People of Conglommora couldn't reveal themselves without jeopardizing their future. They had to keep them isolated, alone. What was left of humanity was utterly alone. Until it wasn't.

Coming summer 2018

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  • Review from Mike Riley

    “Wow, ‘Conglommora Found’ was a fun read! I thought I would just read a couple chapters each day, but by Chapter Six, I couldn’t put down my Kindle :)! Thank you for a wonderfully entertaining Saturday story while recreating from my back porch…“ — Mike Riley, Editor and Author

  • Review from Gerry Dawson

    “‘Conglommora’ is a believable, concrete, place. Those corridors really stick with me—even a fantastic, deep space colony still requires its monotonous, work-a-day infrastructures. The story really reins in the sci-fi fantasy of it all back to approachable, human terms. Wonderful scenes of how gob-smacked the landing parties are outside of Conglommora, and having all of this story filtered through the wonderfully reluctant “hero” of Charlie. Lots of wit here too, with themes of family, friendship, isolation and connection, religion, science—all woven into the book’s mystery/adventure. I loved it!” — Gerry Dawson, artist and musician

  • Interview with Andy Hunt

    Andy Hunt talks about his new novel, Conglommora.

    What kind of book is this?

    “Chill science fiction. It’s an adventure, soft sf book, somewhat inspired by classic adventures such as King Solomon’s Mines, but in an advanced technology setting in the far reaches of outer space. My intent was to create a fun ‘beach read,’ something interesting and entertaining without being a long, taxing slog.”

    What exactly is a “Conglommora?”

    “It’s the conglomeration of all the ships that left Earth. A generation or two ago, all the surviving ships connected each ship to one another. Now they’re sitting here at the edge of the void in empty space. Not in orbit; there are no system or planets.

    “But between the printers and reclaimers, each individual ship is fully independent. That’s how they were able to make the journey from Dead Earth in the first place without any fast-than-light (FTL) drives.

    “In Conglommora there is no government, no central authority, no police. Conglommorans take care of each other. They have no choice anymore.”

    Tell us about the main character, Charlie.

    “The novel is told first-person style, from the point of view of Charlie. Now Charlie is far from being an omniscient voice, in fact, he’s a little bit unreliable as narrators go. He doesn’t necessarily know everything that’s going on in Conglommora.

    “Charlie starts of as sort of a withdrawn type, almost like Melville’s Bartleby the Scrivener. He gets drawn progressively deeper into a series of adventures, and slowly awakens to the worlds around him.

    “Charlie is representative of Conglommora itself: a society that is so isolated by default, only now showing the first signs of ‘waking up.’”

    But Arty, the artificial intelligence, knows everything, right?

    “Not really. Arty emerged into being from all the individual AI systems connecting together, creating its consciousness. Arty’s mission is to protect the human race, but from a kind of ‘mission support’ perspective. It doesn’t know everything, and can’t magically solve all problems.”

    The sections of Conglommora that we see are pretty cool. On e reviewer called the environment “captivating.” Can we see more of this world?

    “Definitely. Conglommora is large, and since we’re seeing the story from Charlie’s point of view, we’re only seeing a small glimpse of what’s out there. There’s a lot more, and it just keeps getting weirder.”

    So will there be more books?

    “At least two more novels in this series are planned. Conglommora Found is already underway, and will be followed by Conglommora Defense.

    “Please sign up for my mailing list at (very, very low volume) and I’ll let you know when the next book or short story is out.”

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Review Quotes:

The concept is rather unique, and I found it a fun read. If you like science fiction, I think you'll like this book.
Ronald E. Jeffries
I have read a lot of different types of science fiction, and this book is unique.
Cheryl C.
I really liked the characters and twists and turns, and loved the ending.
Todd Palmer
I found the environment of Conglommera captivating. Telling the whole story from Charlie’s perspective really pulled me in.
Greg L. Turnquist, author
Most series bore me, to be honest, but I feel you left the door open for unexpected dramatic turns. I look forward to reading more!
Bill Turner, co-founder of GR8Conf
Lots of wit here too, with themes of family, friendship, isolation and connection, religion, science—all woven into the book's mystery/adventure. I loved it!
Gerry Dawson, artist and musician